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Local businesses re-opening to the public can find useful advice and guidance here and here.  This includes information on where you can get posters and other resources to use at your premises.

You can also find a toolkit and lots of other information including signage to download from the Public Protection Partnership

Complete the Covid-19 Business Survey to help Wokingham Borough Council provide the best advice going forward. 

 Wokingham Borough Council and the recently formed Wokingham Business Taskforce are keen to understand how local business organisations are operating and adapting in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic and the likely long-lasting changes we will all face. We believe this information is vital in helping us work together to provide the best possible advice and support to the local business community as well as plan and deliver services going forward.

To help we’ve created a short online survey to find out how your business has been affected and capture your current thoughts on how you intend to approach the recovery phase of the pandemic.  Please find the survey here.


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