?As the government are looking at how we ease into a new normal, please remember…
?Some people are still going to stay at home, that’s ok.
?Some people are breathing a sigh of relief that they can go back to work to save their business or home, that’s ok.
?Some people are still scared about getting the virus and a second peak happening, that’s ok.
?Some people will wear masks, that’s ok.
?⚕️Some people are thankful they can have the surgery they’ve been waiting for, that’s ok.
?Some people will want to get a haircut as soon as they can, that’s ok.
?Some people will attend interviews after weeks without a job, that’s ok.
❤️Everyone has different feelings, opinions and desires and that’s ok.
? ? ? When you go out, respect others while you do so. Don’t judge other people for what they are doing, or what you think they are doing.
?And most importantly BE UNDERSTANDING.
❤️Share as a reminder to be kind to each other❤️


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