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On 26 April, it is Stop Food Waste Day, a day to raise awareness to waste less food. Food waste has a big environmental impact and if we waste less food, we not only save the planet, but also money too.

We are encouraging the borough to waste less food not only on this awareness day but all-year-round.

There’s plenty of ideas to waste less food including:

  • Storing food well – e.g. in airtight containers, out of direct sunlight or in the fridge
  • Making use of every edible part, e.g. cooking broccoli stalks or cauliflower leaves
  • Make a tasty soup from leftover vegetables. For some inspiring recipes, visit the BBC Good Food website
  • Planning meals in advance. There’s plenty of recipe ideas from Stop Food Waste Day’s cookbook
  • Inspiring others to waste less food
  • Repurposing food by giving away surplus items to your local community. Local food app Olio encourages people to share unwanted food items to help tackle food waste

We know some food waste like banana skins, orange peels, bones and tea bags is inevitable. If you don’t compost at home, you can put these unwanted food scraps in your food waste caddy. Find out what you can put in your food waste caddy.

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