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Within our borough, we threw away 29,100 tonnes of rubbish this last year. Our residents increased the amount they recycled over the previous year – well done! But we only recycled 14,900 tonnes, which is about half the amount of rubbish we produced. We can do more.

More than 50 per cent of rubbish that we throw away in the blue bags can actually be recycled – much of this at home through your kerbside recycling collection.

To encourage this, we are challenging our residents to the one bag challenge. If we all use only one blue bag per week for each household, this would significantly reduce the amount of rubbish we send to landfill or burn for energy.

Recycling saves money as it costs much less to recycle waste than it does to dispose of it, conserves precious resources by turning them into products and saves energy because making products out of recycled, rather than raw materials uses considerably less energy and reduces landfill. The food waste placed in food caddies can be processed and turned into energy as well as capturing methane to turn into electricity.

Buy less, recycle more and feed your food caddy. We’re in this together – let’s all play our part.

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