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PFC Church goes mobile

In the last quarter of 2021, mobile devices generated 54% percent of the global website traffic1. That is why a local church has completely redesigned its logo and website to be “mobile friendly”. It meant everything had to work on mobiles, if it didn’t work on mobiles it was out, that was the mantra of the web team.

PFC has a new website and a new logo, you can see for yourself at and it will work on your mobile or tablet or computer.

“Jesus didn’t have a mobile but I bet he would if he was around now! Christianity is all about connecting with people wherever they are physically, mentally and spiritually. If they are using a mobile phone, we need to be there!!! I love people, I love our community and want people to be able to find us if they need help or want to talk about faith.” The Revd Dr Leonard Onugha, Rector of Finchampstead and California

The new website went live on Friday 18th March and has already received lots of enthusiastic feedback from the community:

“The website looks AMAZING!”, Penny Arlon

“So much easier to navigate! I love it.” Kate Meads

“Very clear print. Easy to read. Great for those of us who have poor vision.” Tricia Amos

PFC has 3 worship centres: St Eligius in Arborfield Green, St Mary and St John’s in California/Gorse Ride and St James in Finchampstead. PFC offers a full variety of services and events from a traditional service to café style service. PFC also has lots of different interest groups from gardening to bellringing to toddler groups.

How much did it cost to do all this? Nothing! PFC already pays to host a website and domain, and has a voluntary web design team, so there were no additional costs on top of those “normal running costs”.

“Getting a mobile friendly website up and running doesn’t have to cost the earth, in fact we didn’t have to pay for anything more than our normal website hosting and domain costs which costs PFC about £100 per year. We use a free design tool called WordPress and use lots of free WordPress add-ons to make the website, it’s all click and drag so I haven’t had to write any code. So, your web design team don’t have to be very technical. Any small business or charity can use tools like these to get a modern website up and running quickly and cheaply. It’s so important these days to have a clean, simple, mobile friendly design so people can find the information they want, fast!” Duncan Wood, PFC Web Developer.

Rev’d Onugha added.

“PFC is a friendly, welcoming and inclusive church, so if you see me in the street or find me on your mobile phone then please do get in touch. We are here to help.” The Revd Dr Leonard Onugha

If you’d like to try PFC Church, there are regular Sunday services: St James (Finchampstead) 9.30am (café style family service, great for kids); 11am (traditional service); St Mary & St John (Gorse Ride Junior School) 9.30am; St Eligius (Arborfield Green) 11am. Or just go to and click the What’s On button for everything that’s going on.

To get in touch just visit:

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PFC team with mobiles

From Left to right Revd Dr Leonard Onugha, Revd Julian McAllen, Revd Tonia Elliott, Beth Quainton (Trainee Vicar)

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