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As we go into the winter months please ensure your shed and any outbuildings are secure. Although it might sound like stating the obvious, never leave your shed door unlocked if you are not around.
Consider checking that your insurance covers the contents of your shed or outbuildings from theft.

The top five most common items stolen from sheds are:
1. Bikes
2. Mowers
3. Sports equipment
4. Power tools
5. Garden tools

It is worth having a good padlock on the door with no exposed screws. Pay attention to hinges, as these are sometimes easily removable. If you have windows then these could be vulnerable unless they are secured with wire mesh or grills.
Consider a battery-operated shed alarm.
Do not give thieves the opportunity or the tools to commit a crime, lock them inside a locker or box or secure with a chain.
Secure your bike to the ground or a lockable stand within a locked shed or garage.
It is always worth draping an old sheet or blanket over the top of mowers or bikes to keep them covered from view.

Detached garages
These are often tucked away from the view of passing traffic or local residents, so are often targeted by thieves.
When was the last time you visited your garage and ensured the garage door lock actually works?
Garage doors are usually light weight and supplied with only a basic type lock that can be forced with a screwdriver or similar bladed tool so could benefit from the installation of additional security locks. Mortice locks or lockable bolts fitted down towards the bottom corners reduce the risk of offenders gaining access by prising the bottom of the door outwards.
Think about chaining items to secure shelves and installing anchor points to which motor bikes or bicycles can be padlocked inside your garage.
Consider installing a battery-operated alarm. They look low key but respond to movement or door contact with an extremely loud siren.
Consider security marking and registering tools and other items that you store in your garage so they can be identified at
Encourage your friends and relatives to sign up to Thames Valley Alerts at
You can find further crime prevention advice on our website

Please contact us if you have any information relating to crime in your neighbourhood. Report online at call us on 101 or in an emergency dial 999.
Alternatively, you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on free phone 0800 555 111.

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