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The local area continues to suffer from Home Burglaries at this time of year.

As it gets dark early in the evening, it remains easy for opportunist burglars to identify unoccupied homes if there are no lights on inside.

A simple plug in timer or “smart” light bulbs are easy ways of enabling lights to switch on & off within your home whilst you are out and create the appearance that someone is in.

In addition

·        Remember to close and lock doors and accessible windows whenever you go out.

·        Don’t leave keys in locks

·        If you have an alarm, ensure it works properly and set it whenever your home is left unoccupied.

·        Keep an inventory of valuables, make a photographic record of your jewellery and avoid having large amounts of cash in your home.

At this time of year some residents will be celebrating, having parties or even travelling to visit family members.

If you’re planning on putting up external celebration decorations or a marquee in your garden be mindful that they will attract attention so be especially vigilant, as such signs provide opportunity and motive for burglars.

Be careful of what you share on social media, advertising a house party can attract unwanted guests, and sharing detail of a holiday trip lets people know how long your home will be unoccupied for.

Further advice on keeping your home and possession safe can be found on the Thames Valley website.

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