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Thames Valley Police have seen an increase in reports of thefts and attempted thefts of keyless vehicles across the Bracknell and Wokingham areas.

Offenders often use a device and a laptop to intercept the signal from the remote sensor on keyless fobs and gain entry to the vehicle. They can then start the vehicle without the key and drive away.

To help prevent thefts and ensure your car is not an appealing target for a thief, we are asking you to be extra vigilant and consider your vehicle security.

• Keep key fobs away from windows and doors when at home.
• Turn off the key fob’s wireless signal (check your vehicle manual to see if this is possible or contact your vehicle manufacturer.)
• Place key fobs in a metal tin or signal blocking RFID (radio-frequency identification) pouch and away from the front door. Be aware of where your spare key is located as well and where possible, keep this in a tin or signal blocking RFID pouch.
• Always manually check your vehicle has locked before walking away. Electronic devices can be used to jam the electronic signal from your key fob to lock your vehicle. Scan the immediate area for anyone hanging around. If a potential thief who’s watching feels they’ve been spotted, they’ll probably move off.
• Consider the use of an on-board diagnostic port protective cover or lock.
• Consider fitting a steering wheel lock as a physical deterrent.
• If you have a garage, secure your vehicle inside.
• If you have a driveway, park the car as close to the house as possible.
• Look out for your neighbours when they are not home. If you see anything of concern, report it to the police and inform your neighbour.

If you see or hear anything suspicious around houses with keyless cars in your area then please let us know on or by calling 101 or 999 if you believe a crime is in progress.

For further information and crime prevention advice please visit

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