Finchampstead Surgery Update 27/3/2020

Please read …thank you for your time.

1 – We cannot provide early or extra ‘just in case’ prescriptions, this will only cause shortages of medicines and inhalers, and pharmacies will be like the supermarkets.

2 – We cannot give prescriptions for paracetamol if you do not normally receive it on prescription, even if you cannot find it in the shops, someone somewhere will have some.

3 – We won’t give out inhalers on a ‘just in case basis’. Especially if you haven’t had an inhaler for years, this again will lead to shortages for those who really need inhaler medication. If you feel you are symptomatic, please request a telephone consultation.

4 – If your appointment is postponed or moved to a telephone consultation please do not abuse us, these are national guidelines, in place to protect you. We are still triaging, talking to, assessing and seeing patients face to face if needed. If you need us, we will see you. We are also wearing PPE, masks and aprons; don’t be alarmed, it’s a precaution only.

5 – Please do not ask for a ‘rescue pack’ if you have asthma or COPD unless you already have this service. There has been fake and false information about rescue packs circulating on social media. These are not an entitlement for all; they are part of a very specific plan of care for patients who have unstable conditions. If you are symptomatic, let us know.

6 – Please adhere to the .Gov COVID-19 guidelines which change regularly – sometimes daily. These are on our website.

7 – Please do not ask us for occupational guidance, we cannot make those decisions or give you advice, this will be between you and your employer. All you need to know is on the .Gov website; you have the same access to this guidance as we do.

8 – Please do not expect a pneumococcal vaccination unless you fit the recommended criteria. Pneumococcal vaccination is in short supply, it is for certain groups of patients only who are classed as vulnerable and it is not a protection for COVID – 19.

9 – Please keep up to date with your children’s vaccinations; we cannot risk any other outbreaks of childhood diseases on top of everything else. Please don’t bring other children along to vaccination appointments and only one adult who is able to consent (Mum or Dad) to accompany the child to the surgery.

Finally, thank you so much to all our wonderful patients and their families who’ve been very understanding during this difficult time. We are incredibly busy and working to new guidelines. We will get through this.

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