The Planning Committee meets every month.  The list of applications to be considered at the next meeting can be viewed here.

The Committee aims to safeguard the local environment for residents. The Parish Council is a statutory consultee, not the decision maker. The decision is made by the Planning Authority, Wokingham Borough Council, who take into account our comments along with those of other consultees and residents. The document here outlines how the Parish Council fits in to the planning application process.

The work of the Committee includes:

  • Consideration of all local planning applications and submitting comments to Wokingham Borough Council. 
  • Attendance at appeals (informal hearings and public inquiries).
  • Monitoring enforcement issues.
  • Monitoring Tree Preservation Orders.

The Committee uses the policies of the emerging Finchampstead Neighbourhood Development Plan  as a basis for formulating its comments on planning applications.  

Guidance notes for residents or other parties wishing to attend or speak at Planning Committee meetings can be found here

Guidance notes for developers or other potential applicants wishing to have a pre application meeting with the Council can be found here

Information on looking into a possible breach of planning control can be found here.

You can find out more about planning, planning applications and planning policy in Wokingham Borough at

The members of the Planning Committee are :

Cllr Roland Cundy (Chair)
Cllr Roger Marshallsay (Vice Chair)
Cllr Steve Bromley
Cllr David Cornish
Cllr Pauline Grainger
Cllr Gordon Veitch


Contact details for all Parish Councillors can be found by clicking here.

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