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Finchampstead Neighbourhood Development Plan

Finchampstead Future, a group of volunteer local residents, working in partnership with Finchampstead Parish Council, has produced a Neighbourhood Development Plan.

To have the FNDP approved as a formal input to Planning decisions we have to ensure that we consult with local people, organisations, businesses, landowners, etc. about our analysis and policy proposals, and that their views are considered and used to influence the plan as appropriate.  Part of this process is evidencing that the plan accurately reflects the needs of the area and the views of local people.

The first formal public consultation on the draft plan, the Regulation 14 Statutory Consultation, took place in February to March 2021. A further ‘focused’ Regulation 14 Consultation took place in October to  November 2021.

On 30 August 2022 the final draft of the Plan along with supporting documents was submitted to Wokingham Borough Council.  In October to November 2022 WBC carried out a six week consultation (Regulation 16) on the submitted plan.

WBC has now appointed an independent examiner who will consider whether the plan meets the necessary requirements to proceed to referendum and potential adoption.  The examination commenced in January 2023. Details of the examination process and related documents can be found at the WBC neighbourhood planning web page

You can take a look at the consultation documents and find out more about the steps involved in producing a neighbourhood plan on the WBC neighbourhood planning webpage

The Finchampstead Neighbourhood Development Plan documents can be found here.

If you have any queries please email us at [email protected]

A statement from Finchampstead Future regarding the development proposals at Rooks Nest Farm can be found here.


What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)?

It is the most powerful tool a community has ever had for influencing local development!

  • It is the best way to safeguard our neighbourhoods from speculative, ill-conceived development.
  • It is a plan for our area drawn up by local people, representing their views and needs.
  • It will provide community derived planning policies for our parish, which will be used when planning applications are considered.

It will cover important issues such as housing, green spaces, social/economic needs and priorities, leisure and transport. When completed the plan will be submitted for approval and it will be up to local people to say yes or no to it through a Parish referendum.

Our vision is to embrace the need for change and to meet the expanding need of a growing population whilst protecting those important things that have attracted generations of people to choose Finchampstead as a place to live and bring up their families

Minutes of the Finchampstead Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group can be found via the link below:

Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Meeting Minutes

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