The Council’s Working Groups lead on specific projects, meeting as required and reporting to relevant Committees and to Main Council.

In 2019/20 the Council’s Working Groups include:


Lead Member Cllr Veitch.

Cllr Veitch oversees the management of the Council’s allotment site.

Climate Change

Cllrs Bowers, Bromley, Cornish, Cundy, Jukes, McDonald and Margetts

This Group was set up in 2020 to consider action the Parish Council can take to address the Climate Emergency.

Community Consultation and Communications

Cllrs Bowers, Bromley, Cornish, Cundy, Mrs Eytle, Marshallsay, Pearce and Woof

This Group was set up in December 2015 to ensure that communications with Parish residents are maintained and improved, and that plans are in place to allow consultation with all residents to take place as and when appropriate.

Finchampstead Emergency Response

Cllrs Jukes, McDonald, Pearce and Weeks.

Human Resources

Cllrs Bromley, Cornish, McDonald, Veitch, Weeks and Woof

Neighbourhood Development Plan

Cllrs Cornish, Cundy, Jukes,  Marshallsay and Pearce

Risk Management

Cllrs Jukes, McDonald and Woof.

This Group ensures that arrangements are in place to protect the Council, its assets and projects as far as is possible.

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