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Finchampstead Future, a group of local residents working in partnership with the Parish Council, has completed the draft Finchampstead Neighbourhood Development Plan for the period 2018-2036.


The draft FNDP has been approved by Finchampstead Parish Council and a community consultation is now underway.  There is still plenty time to comment as the closing date for the consultation is 19th March 2021.

This is the first major milestone in the process of getting the plan adopted by Wokingham Borough Council (WBC) and so to influencing development in the Parish in years ahead. The draft FNDP and supporting documents are available through the following link:

A summary version of the Plan is being delivered to each home in the Parish in early February and local people are invited to give us feedback on the development policies that we are proposing to help us deliver our vision:

To embrace the need for change to meet the needs of a growing population whilst protecting those important things that have attracted generations of people to choose Finchampstead as a place to live and raise their families”.

Part of getting the FNDP through the approval process is evidencing that the plan accurately reflects the needs of the area and the views of local people. We want to ensure that we consult with local people, organisations, businesses and landowners about our analysis and policy proposals and take their views into account.

We would like local people and organisations to comment on the draft plan.  You can:

All of the feedback will be evaluated and changes made to the Plan as appropriate.   WBC will then consider the Plan to ensure that the proper processes have been followed and that the
content complies with the planning framework. There will then be a further public consultation before WBC sends the Plan to an Independent Examiner who will examine it with regard to     compliance with national and local planning policy, and with representations received.

Subject to the approval of the Independent Examiner there will then be a referendum, arranged by WBC, seeking local residents’ approval of the Plan. This is likely to be in late 2021.


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