The latest updates and information on coronavirus from Wokingham Borough Council.

Information about coronavirus, Covid-19, and people’s health – such as what the symptoms are and how to stop it spreading – is here

Information about the overall situation – such as the number of cases and where they are, and what countries are affected – is here

A good FAQ has been compiled by the NHS and is available here

Latest developments at 4 March 2020:

  • There have been no further confirmed cases in the borough and the contact tracking for the confirmed case is now complete.
  • All tests returned to date on people who had been in contact with the confirmed case have been negative. Nationally, 16,659 people have been tested, of which 16,574 were confirmed negative. 85 were confirmed as positive.
  • Aldryngton School reopened yesterday (Tuesday March 3).
  • Willow Bank Junior School will re-open tomorrow (Thursday March 5). WBC officers have been in regular contact with the school and, together with Public Health England staff, will be with the Headteacher at the school gate tomorrow morning providing advice and support
  • Willow Bank Infant School will open when it has sufficient staff out of self-isolation, which is currently expected to Wednesday March 11
  • Public Health England and borough council staff will be attending a meeting with Woodley Town Council tomorrow to help provide community reassurance

WBC actions:

  • Information has been  provided to council contractors and commissioned services, who have been required to ensure business continuity plans are in place
  • A flier with weblinks to the latest information has been produced and will be handed to parents or other residents with concerns

Advice for residents 

Situation Action
Someone has a confirmed case of Covid-19 Isolated in hospital and treated
Someone had contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 while that person was having symptoms PHE will assess how much contact there was and ask the person to self-isolate and/ or monitor closely for symptoms
Someone had contact with a person who in turn has had contact with a confirmed case (but has no symptoms and is not a confirmed case themselves) No action needed – no contact with a confirmed case
Rest of population No action needed – no contact with a confirmed case





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