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You may have spotted a few of these posters across
Berkshire recently. West Berkshire Council have
launched a new campaign to encourage drivers to
switch off their vehicle engines when stationary, in
order to help improve air quality, for the benefit of
both local health and the environment. Running
your engine unnecessarily while your vehicle is
stationary is extremely harmful and pollutive.
If everyone switched off their engine in traffic,
emissions would drop significantly, which is
especially important during peak rush-hour times.
Avoiding idling time has a multitude of benefits:
⛽  Savings in fuel & maintenance costs
?️ Extending your vehicles life
? Reducing damaging emissions
⚖️ It is also against the law on public highways
As part of The Public Protection Partnership, the
council are benefitting from a grant awarded by the
Defra Air Quality grant programme. This fund is to
support this important anti-idling campaign to help
reduce air pollution and encourage behaviour
change. Click here to learn more.

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