As part of national Carers Week, Wokingham Borough Council is reaching out to their residents who care for a family member or friend to ensure they are receiving the practical, emotional and financial support they need, especially during this current pandemic.

Do you care for a friend or family member? Would they be able to manage without your help? You may not realise you’re a carer because you just see looking after them as part of your normal life.

Everyone’s needs are different and the council are committed to providing support that meets the need of both you the carer and your loved one.

If required, a carers assessment can be offered by the council to allow you time to discuss your own needs, with the focus being on you the carer and not the person you are caring for. This is to find out about your circumstances and to allow you, with the help of the team, to identify the changes you feel may help you.

The council will initially invite you to fill out a form on their website, where you will be asked to provide a few details about your needs and the reasons you are seeking support. The team will then be in touch to arrange a time suitable for you to talk.

The assessment gives you an opportunity to think about your caring role and the impact this is having or likely to have on you. It will also help you identify the main difficulties for yourself and other members of the family. The team will then discuss with you the changes you would like to make and how they can assist in making these changes possible.

“Carers play a vital role in helping support their vulnerable loved ones, both adults and children. We want to ensure that all carers across the borough are receiving our help and support that is tailored to their specific needs,” said Cllr Charles Margetts, executive member for health, wellbeing and adult services.

“Our dedicated team are here to help and support, they are not here to judge. We want to make it clear that our carer assessment is to help us assess the needs of the carer and how we can work together to provide support for both the carer and their loved one.”

There are a number of virtual social events taking place throughout Carers Week including afternoon tea, zumba and musical bingo. You can grab yourself a cup of tea and socialise with other carers from the comfort of your own home. For young carers there will also be virtual disco and pop quiz. To find out how to get involved please contact the Carers Services on 0118 324 7333 or ask @berkshirecarershub.org

To find out more about the carer assessment visit the council website and search ‘carer assessment’.

Help and support
The council’s Community Navigator service provides residents with information about where you can find support and advice within your community and from local and national charities, many of which are supported by the council.

The council also support a wide variety of fun activities across the borough for carers. To find out more visit the council website and search support and social groups for carers.

The Carer Outreach Programme and Wokingham Crossroad, who are supported by the council, offer a wealth of support and information for carers across the borough.

A quarterly Dementia Care Advisory Newsletter is also available from the council which provide very useful information that you can sign up to via the council website.

Visit www.Wokingham.gov.uk

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