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Decorating your Christmas tree

Baubles and tinsel can’t be recycled, so the best thing is to look after what you have and use year on year. Alternatively, you could forage for natural materials to make your own decorations, which can then be composted after the big event.

When it comes to fairy lights for your tree and home, make sure you are using LED bulbs as these are much better environmentally. Also invest in a couple of timers, so that your lights aren’t left on all the time.

Instead of buying a tree, why not consider renting one from someone like Festive Tree Hire? You can have the same tree year after year.

Wrapping paper

When it comes to wrapping presents, try and use wrapping that is either reusable or recycleable. To be recycleable, it needs to be free from glitter and pass the ‘scrunch test’.

As an alternative to wrapping paper, you could use fabric, a reusable shopping bag, old maps or newspapers or jars.

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