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Enjoy a waste-free World Cup

The World Cup is undoubtedly one of the best occasions for fellow footie fans to get together and food is often a big part of the appeal. However, food packaging can generate a lot of waste.

The good news is most food packaging can be recycled:


  • Tin foil: clean it and then scrunch it up into a small football shape, before recycling it.
  • Glass bottles and jars: rinse them quickly, so that they are free from any food or liquid and then take them to your nearest bottle banks.
  • Drink cans: put empty cans in your recycling bags.
  • Pizza boxes: they can be recycled if they are not soaked in grease, and there are no stray crusts inside.
  • Takeaway tubs and trays: whether made from aluminium foil or plastic, they can both either be reused or recycled – remember to empty and rinse them before putting them out for recycling.

It is also a good habit to use real cutlery, crockery and glassware, rather than plastic or paper disposable ones. Although it will mean a bit more washing, it’s definitely worth it!

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