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A draft Neighbourhood Plan to influence what development occurs in our area has been prepared by the Finchampstead Future team.

To have the FNDP approved as a formal input to Planning decisions we have to ensure that we consult with local people, organisations, businesses, landowners, etc. about our analysis and policy proposals, and that their views are considered and used to influence the plan as appropriate.

Part of this process is evidencing that the plan accurately reflects the needs of the area and the views of local people.

The first formal public consultation on a draft plan took place from 1st February to 19th March 2021.

This Report gives the results of that Consultation and provides details of the level of support received for each of the Policies, publishes the analysis of the feedback received, and identifies the changes proposed to be made to the plan in response to comments.

A second ‘focused’ Regulation 14 consultation will run for six weeks from mid-October.  A Topic Paper on Housing and a letter will be delivered to each home in the Parish.  Further details of the consultation and how to respond will be published on this website in due course.

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