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Loans for solar panels? Car-free town centres? Community recycling? These are all food for thought in a survey launched by Wokingham Borough Council, looking at what would help people to make more sustainable choices.

Climate change is an issue that is affecting everyone, with increased severe weather over the past couple of years a sign of the impacts. As much as climate change is global, people can work together to make changes to reduce some of the risks.

Earlier this year, nine focus groups made up of residents, businesses and children, were guided through three sessions looking at what can be done locally to reduce our carbon impact.

The participants started by thinking about if money and technology were no issue, what could they do and narrowed those down into tangible and practical ideas.

Take the survey

The newly launched survey, available until 30 September, shares those ideas and asks people across Wokingham borough to think about what would encourage residents to make more sustainable choices and what the council should be doing to help this.

The survey is available on the council’s Engage Wokingham Borough platform, and includes reports from the focus groups and videos by council officers and expert partners explaining some of the key things to consider with carbon emissions.

The results of the survey will also help the council to understand people’s priorities when making choices

Climate change is everyone’s responsibility

“We commonly hear that climate change is everyone’s responsibility” said Councillor Sarah Kerr, executive member for climate emergency and resident services. “The reason for that is that it absolutely is.

“Not only is climate everyone’s responsibility, it is an issue that is affecting everyone, with increased severe weather over the past couple of years a sign of the impacts

“Every decision we make about how we live our lives impacts our carbon footprint, and we want to know how people come to these decisions so that we can support them to make the most sustainable ones.”

If you need help filling out the survey, or would like a paper copy, please contact customer services on

0118 974 6000 or pop into your local library.

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