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Line your caddy with environmentally friendly items

To help tackle the climate emergency, the Borough Council has decided not to supply any more food caddy liners, which are made of non-biodegradable single-use plastic.

Production and disposal of the caddy liners result in greenhouse gas emissions and often end up polluting our rivers and seas.

Instead of using a single-use plastic bag, you can line your kitchen caddy with a compostable liner, newspapers or any soft plastic bag that can easily be found at home, such as carrier bags, bread bags, cereal bags or fruit and vegetable bags.

You can also instead line the bottom with newspaper or used kitchen paper, emptying it into the outdoor caddy, and wash both between uses.

We understand from a survey conducted last October that when it comes to waste collections, the most important thing to our residents are the environment benefits. So, we’ve made the decision to stop supplying over 5 million single-use plastic kitchen caddy liners a year. We would appreciate your support in this decision as it is good for the environment.

For the same environmental concerns, we have also decided not to include food caddy liners in our annual delivery of blue bin bags to residents starting 2023.

Find out more at our website.

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