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Promoting a greener school run

To help schools promote sustainable travel among pupils, parents and staff, My Journey works with Modeshift to provide a simple platform, called Modeshift STARS, for creating and monitoring travel plans. These explain how the school will encourage walking, cycling and other types of active travel.

Three Wokingham borough schools have submitted their accreditations to Modeshift STARS and we should hear whether they’ve been successful next month.

Active Travel to School Travel Maps

With just over a week until schools return after the summer holidays, why not plan your active or sustainable journeys to school.  We produce an active travel map for each school which shows 5 minute and 10 minute walking distances from your school.  There is also useful information about why you should actively travel to school as well as key dates for the diary this term. The maps have been updated and are being uploaded onto our website over the next few days.

Please visit our primary schools page to find your school’s map.

We also produced maps for secondary schools too which can be found here.

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