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MyJourney Wokingham works with Love to Ride to bring you 4 challenges a year. We are starting the first challenge of the year with Ride anywhere week. As more and more people return to the workplace, it’s a great time to promote active travel through riding a bike. Not only can bike riding help with health and fitness, but it can also contribute to improved mental health, a better work / life balance and it can protect our planet.

During Ride Anywhere Week, riders will have the chance to pick a pledge and have one week to complete it. They can choose between the following pledges:

Health and fitness – helping people to feel happier, healthier and stronger

Ride for adventure – whether it’s riding somewhere new or going bike packing, this is perfect for any budding adventurer

Ride with kids – turn bike time into family time

Ride for transportation – to work, school or to the store, we’ll help people leave cars at home

Spread the word about Ride Anywhere Week at your workplace for and bring your team together to work on their riding goals. It doesn’t matter if they’re in the office, working from home, working full time or part-time. Businesses that take part in Ride Anywhere Week will benefit from:

There are prizes to be won, badges to win and fun to be had from 21 – 27 March and anyone, no matter their riding level, can take part.

Ride Anywhere Week is a free, fun and engaging program that is open to all individuals and businesses so we can work together to achieve our health, wellness and sustainability goals. Find out more and register your business at

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