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The 15-20 minutes you spend on the school run or popping out to the shops is all a thief needs to break-in to your property.

The top five items stolen from sheds are:
1. Bikes
2. Mowers
3. Sports equipment
4. Power tools
5. Garden tools

Please consider these crime prevention tips to protect your shed, garage and garden buildings this Spring:

  • Never leave doors unlocked when you are not around
  • If you have a detached garage in a block, consider fitting additional security locks to the door to reduce the risk of offenders prising it open
  • Check whether your home insurance covers the contents from theft
  • Remove valuable equipment like laptops from outbuildings used as offices
  • Use strong padlocks on doors with no exposed screws and pay attention to hinges, which can be easily removed
  • Consider securing windows with wire mesh or grills
  • Alarm it – there are systems on the market for all budgets
  • Security mark and register tools and other items so they can be identified at
  • Lock your tools inside a locker or box or secure them with a chain
  • Secure bikes to the ground or a lockable stand and drape an old sheet or blanket over them to keep them covered from view
  • Consider installing CCTV (closed circuit television). Some systems can be accessed remotely via the internet or smart phone. Ensure you check privacy laws when installing CCTV systems
  • Thorny or prickly plants can be a deterrent in strategic positions, such as underneath windows or below walls and fences
  • Ensure hedges and shrubs are trimmed back to prevent areas intruders could hide or observe you. Crunchy gravel is also good for paths or areas around outbuildings

Please contact us if you have any information relating to crime, suspicious vehicles or activity in your neighbourhood. Report online at, call 101 or in an emergency 999.  Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on free phone 0800 555 111.

Receive free crime and information updates by registering for Thames Valley Alerts at Consider joining a local Neighbourhood Watch scheme – visit for more information.

You can contact your local neighbourhood team via: [email protected] – please note this address cannot be used to report crimes or for any urgent matters. Follow us on social media to find out what your local policing teams are up to –  Facebook: TVP Bracknell & Wokingham / Twitter: @TVP_Wokingham

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