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Wokingham Borough Council is proud to be supporting Sport England’s fantastic campaign ‘We are Undefeatable’ to help the one in four people in England who live with a long-term health condition.

The campaign, which is targeted at those among us living with long term conditions, is raising awareness of the hugely positive effect that physical activity can have, helping people to manage many conditions and reduce the impact and severity of some symptoms.

 Through their own tailored physical activity programmes, the council supports residents across the borough with long term conditions including diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and many other physical disabilities.  This unique programme includes cardiac rehabilitation, mental health sessions and physical rehabilitation sessions to assist for example those recovering from a stroke.

At various locations around the borough, including their long term conditions gym, the council offers a range of equipment to support residents with numerous conditions to carry out exercises to support their recovery and help manage their conditions.  There are also a number classes available including Yoga and Pilates.

For full details on the activities the council has to offer for adults with health conditions please visit the council website and search activities for adults with health conditions . A referral from a GP or other qualified health practitioner may be required and some programmes may incur a charge.

For further details on the national ‘We are Undefeatable’ campaign please visit

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