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What shouldn’t go into my recycling bag

Putting non-recyclable things in your recycling bag can contaminate the entire load of materials and prevent them from being recycled.

Recently, we’ve found that some fairy lights in a resident’s recycling have tangled up in the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) and caused it to stop working.

There have also been reports of metal waste mixing in general waste or plastics.

At the MRF, the recycling collected from residents is sorted and then sent to reprocessing companies to be turned into new materials and products, from kitchen appliances, to toys, clothes, packaging and much more.

However, items like plastic carrier bags, glass bottles and jars, wires, wet cardboard, textiles, video tapes and food waste can damage the sorting machine, leading to the need for repairs and downtime.

If you are in doubt, download the free re3cyclopedia app and find out what, how and where to recycle different items.

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