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From 1st March 2021 Citizens Advice Wokingham will have a new free local Adviceline number. The new number will be 0808 278 7958 and will eventually replace our existing local number – 0300 330 1189.

The existing number will continue to work and will give people the option to continue with their call or to ring back on the new freephone number.

Whilst calling the 0300 number is equivalent to landline rates, some mobile providers (including pay as you go) often still charge a rate to call our number (or take off minutes), and we want to be as accessible to our communities as possible. This 0808 number will be completely free for any mobile or landline.

From February 2022 we will fully transition over to using the freephone number – losing our 0300 number. With this in mind, if you currently include our contact details on your website or use them to make referrals, we kindly ask that you use the new number going forward:


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