Finchampstead Neighbourhood Development Plan (FNDP) documents

Following an independent examination, the Finchampstead Neighbourhood Plan (FNDP) has been found to meet the basic  conditions, subject to a number of modifications, and can now proceed to referendum.

Residents of Finchampstead parish will be able to vote on the FNDP on Thursday 7 September 2023.

You can find the Plan and supporting documents below.  (A hard copy is available to view from the Finchampstead Library at The FBC Centre; Wokingham Borough Council Office’s, and Wokingham Library).

  1. Declaration of Result of Poll
  2. Notice of Poll
  3. Notice of Referendum
  4. A map which identifies the area to which the proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan relates (refer to Figure 4, p15 in the FNDP)
  5. Finchampstead Neighbourhood Development Plan (FNDP) – Referendum Version
  6. The Submission Finchampstead Neighbourhood Development Plan (FNDP)
  7. The Submission Neighbourhood Plan Policies Map (refer to Figure 7, p35 in the FNDP)
  8. The Consultation Statement
  9. The Basic Conditions Statement
  10. The Strategic Environmental Assessment – Environmental Report August 2022
  11. The Strategic Environmental Assessment – Scoping Report June 2022
  12. The Habitats Regulation Assessment – August 2022
  13. Proposed Sites for Additional Housing Topic Paper
  14. Local Green Spaces Topic Paper
  15. Separation of Settlements Topic Paper
  16. October – November 2019 Consultation Survey Results
  17. January – February 2021 Regulation 14 Consultation Document Report
  18. October – November 2021 Second Phase Regulation 14 Consultation, phase 2 Report 
  19. TVERC.19.236 Finchampstead Parish Biodiversity Report

Independent Examination
Documents relating to the Independent Examination of the Plan


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