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Halloween is just over. Hope you had a great time trick or treating with your children!

Recycle sweet wrappers

If you’ve got a stash of sweets with plastic wrapping, remember you can now recycle these wrappers alongside plastic bags, crisp packets and the like at most supermarkets. Just put them inside another bag and drop them off at the front of the store the next time you go shopping.

Read more about recycling plastics and wrapping. You can use the online Recycling Locator tool to check your nearest collection points.

Foil wrapping can be recycled too. When you’re unsure if your shiny wrapper is recyclable, do a scrunch test – scrunch the wrapper in your hand, if it remains scrunched in a ball, you can pop it in your green bags together with other bits of used foil. Remember – the bigger the foil ball, the easier to recycle.

Recycle carved pumpkins

Don’t thrown away your carved pumpkin! If you can’t eat it, add it to your compost heap and it will break down quickly.

You can recycle it with other food waste. If your pumpkin is too big, chop it up before putting it in your kitchen caddy. Alternatively, you can sit the whole pumpkin next to your black food waste bin on your collection day. The crew will take it away and it will be turned into energy and fertilizer.

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